Security Walls, LLC is experienced in developing and maintaining security programs.  We stay abreast with and comply with approved security plans, federal requirements and directives, and state and local regulators and/or agreements.  We make the safety of personnel, the public, and the environment our highest priority. 

Security Walls, LLC currently has contracts to secure and protect government facilities, libraries, museums, hospitals, universities, and corporate office buildings and industrial sites.  Our personnel have all licenses, certifications, training, and physical fitness requirements to successfully provide all security services required to keep employees, visitors, buildings, and facilities safe and secure.


Security Services


Securitywalls, LLC recognizes that protective security officer effectiveness is largely dependent upon continuous, ongoing training to reinforce daily job functions and ensure retention of essential skills.   Our company has a long history of developing and implementing innovative training programs to meet all federal, state, and local government and contract requirements in accordance Executive Order 12958. 

Security Walls, LLC has been approved as a Certified Training Facility by the State of New Mexico to provide Level 1, 2, and 3 Security Guard Training.

Security Walls, LLC Training Instructors are certified by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Homeland Security/Federal Protective Service (FPS).   Our Firearms Instructor is certified with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Securitywalls, LLC staff includes Master Certified Experts in Operations Security, Information Security, and DOE CMPC programs.

Physical Protection

For facilities and personnel:

  1. BulletSurveillance equipment for facility (all types) fence, walls, cameras, etc.

  2. Bullet“Q” Clearance escorts

  3. BulletArmed and unarmed security police officers

  4. BulletSpecialized K-9 services (bombs, accelerants, cadavers, drugs)

  5. BulletUnderwater recovery

  6. BulletSecurity sweeps of facilities

Security and Protective Services includes:

  1. BulletArmed and Unarmed Security Guard Services

  2. BulletSecurity Vulnerability/Risk Assessments

  3. BulletAccess Control

  4. BulletLaw Enforcement

  5. BulletIdentification/Visitor Control/Badging

  6. BulletMonitoring/Maintaining IDS/CCTV Control Systems

  7. BulletEscorts

  8. BulletGSA Certified Locksmiths

  9. BulletIT Security

  10. BulletHuman Reliability Program (HRP)

  11. BulletOperations Security (OPSEC)

  12. BulletInformation Security/Classified Matter Protection and Control (CMPC)

  13. BulletNational Industrial Security Program Operations Manual (NISPOM)