Security Walls staff is experienced at conducting risk assessment to determine enterprise risk. Insider Threat mitigation can identify someone who has authorized access to an organization facilities, data, information systems and networks. (Employee, Trusted Business Partner, Contractor or Maintenance Personnel) who could intentionally or unintentionally compromise an organizations security, affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organizations data, information systems and networks and degrade an organizations ability to accomplish its mission or business function, and also affect the safety of the organizations workforce. Security Walls will assist in the development of policies guidelines and procedures to limit the unauthorized disclosure of information (Sensitive Information, Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets), information technology sabotage, violation of federal or state laws, or any other activity resulting in the loss or degradation of an organization resources or capabilities. Security Walls assist with the establishment of an Insider Threat Program or Process by

  • Insider Threat Program Development
  • Insider Threat Awareness Briefings / Training
  • Insider Threat Program Development & Guidance
  • Insider Threat Program Management
  • Insider Threat User Activity Monitoring Tools (Guidance / Implementation / Management)
  • Insider Threat Risk Mitigation Services (Assessments / Mitigation Guidance)

Insider Threat: A person with authorized access, who uses that access, wittingly or unwittingly, to harm national security interests or national security through unauthorized disclosure, data modification, espionage, terrorism, or kinetic actions resulting in loss or degradation of resources or capabilities. These activities may bring to mind names such as Wen Ho Lee, Robert Hanson and Edward Snowden. The FBI has reported that economic espionage and trade secret theft is on the rise: