Unfortunately, scenes involving active shooters have become too familiar. Radio transmissions of possible shots fired send the closest police officers to the scene. In today’s world, such calls carry with them the memories of school, business, and theater shootings. Security Walls highly training staff includes retire FBI Agents, Secret Service Agents, State and local Law Enforcement Officers can provide active-shooter training, tabletop exercises, or threat-analysis assistance that can help counter the threat posed by the active shooter. These important educational opportunities may help save civilian lives, as well as the first responders who come to their aid.

FBI Releases Study on Active Shooter Incidents:


For the Public: Responding to an Active Shooter Crisis Situation:

This video, recently produced by the Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security, dramatizes an active shooter incident in the workplace. Its purpose is to educate the public on how to respond during such an incident. Warning: The initial sequence in this video may be disturbing.